Big Big Website Update

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big-blog-update-01Big huge jumbo news!  What started as a simple plan to add custom avatar photo uploads has morphed into a full blown private social cum on food network.  The list of new features is almost too big to list, but I’ll try.  Check out the screen grabs for a quick look at some of the new changes.

  1. Custom avatar photos.
  2. Custom profile with photo heading.
  3. Share photos of your genitalia.
  4. Cum lovers can share details about their cum interests.big-blog-update-02
  5. Cum lovers can share photos of their favorite cum shots.
  6. Pee lovers can share details of the fascination with urine.
  7. Pee lovers can share photos of the best pee shots.
  8. Share your favorite cum and piss stories.
  9. Share your most wanted unfulfilled cum and piss fantasies.
  10. Share links to your favorite websites.
  11. Create a full profile to automatically upgrade your membership.
  12. Upgraded members can rate and review other profiles.big-blog-update-03
  13. Upgraded members can also get verified for extra features.
  14. Send private messages to members.
  15. Follow your fellow cum and piss friends.
  16. Keep up with friends on your own private activity wall.
  17. Get near real time notifications when there is new activity for you.
  18. Peruse profiles of other cum and piss enthusiasts.
  19. Peruse profiles with photos only.
  20. Get notified of relevant site news, without missing anything important.big-blog-update-04
  21. Use local hashtags in your status updates to start a trend.
  22. Completely self-contained.  All the fun of a major social network, without the exposure.
  23. And soon, custom photo galleries for verified members.
  24. That’s a lot of updates, and I’m sure I missed a few.

You can start to explore all these changes from the “Join” option on the main menu.  If you are already a subscriber, just login.  Once logged in you will be able to edit your profile under the “Members” menu.

What inspired all this cummy goodness?  I am hoping to try to restore the sense of community that once existed years ago on the original CumOnFood forums.  So check it out, log in, edit your profile, share some cum, share some piss, and make some friends.

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