Ravioli with Fresh Frothy Cum

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I love preparing a meal when part of the recipe calls for masturbating.  This is especially true when I am hungry for a nice cummy dinner, plus its also fun to masturbate while cooking.

… add frozen ravioli to the pot of boiling water, then begin masturbating.  Continue to masturbate while occasionally stirring the ravioli.  Once ravioli starts to boil again, reduce heat to a low boil, then ejaculate into a small dipping sauce bowl or shot glass.  When ravioli is ready, strain, and then add to serving plate.  Spread tomato sauce evenly across ravioli.  Froth the fresh semen and spoon on top of tomato sauce.  Enjoy.

Adding cum to a plate of pasta is really more about the presentation more than the taste.  Its still a lot of fun to eat a meal knowing a fresh load of semen is mixed in, but its even more exciting when the semen is presented as an obviously visible highlight to the meal.  I knew my cum would look good on top of tomato sauce, but I chose to froth my cum to enhance the contrast.

Wow was I surprised by how good it looked, and how good it tasted!  This was a great meal to make and really enjoyed eating it.  Sure, I could have just ejaculated directly on the ravioli.  Its a lot of fun to shoot cum directly on top of the food to be eaten, but its also fun to treat semen as a cooking ingredient.  The only things missing now are a snip of parsley and some garlic bread.

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