New pages added: Image Wall, and Cum Chef

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I’ve recently added a couple new pages to this blog for your cum loving pleasure.  Check them out.

cum-chef-apron1-1The Cum Chef
This page is a central repository where I’ll keep links to pages and blog posts that are of interest to those who enjoy taking cum eating beyond the simple jerk and eat.  There is an art to combining semen with food.  That art extends the physical gratification into the realm of the true cum connoisseur.  From preparation to presentation, there is much more to enjoy than just the orgasm.  You’ll find this page listed under the “Cum Fun” menu.

Image Wall
Over the years I’ve added many photos to this blog.  This image wall draws from the entire collection of photos, and places them into a randomly generated photo montage.  Click on any photo to jump to the post it came from.  The wall makes it clear to see the progression as the quality of photos seems to keep improving every year.  You’ll find this page listed under the “Archives” menu.

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