Famous Amos Bite Size Cum Cookies

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famous-amos-cc-1-02 famous-amos-cc-1-02b When that unquenchable need to eat cum on food hits you, its good to know that a vending machine can provide something delightful to ejaculate on. Most vending machines provide cum-snack size portions, just perfect for glazing with fresh semen. This bag of Famous Amos Bite Size Chocolate Chip Cookies filled the need, and can be found in a multitude of vending machines.


This is one of my favorite photos. There is a lot going on in this still photo. The focus is on the cookies, yet there is a lot of foreshadowing in the fore and background.

I decided to stack the mini cookies up. Even if I only edge out a small load, it would still be too much stay put on top of one of these little cookies. At least by stacking them, when my cum does roll off, it will roll on top of the cookie below. Plus, it adds to the artistic effect when my cum spills over the top of a stack of cookies.

famous-amos-cc-1-07 famous-amos-cc-1-03

I tried to capture a few different camera angles of the cumshot moment, but the stack of cookies actually obscured some of the good shot of my cum landing on the cookies. I need work on getting my cum to land on and roll off the side facing the camera. That can be difficult to control since it always occurs while having an orgasm.

famous-amos-cc-1-04I was still able to capture some good photos. I love how my semen looks draped across the stack of chocolate chip cookies. This photo above will definitely be getting added to both the memory match game and the puzzle collection.

famous-amos-cc-1-10famous-amos-cc-1-21Eating them was another issue. Of course they tasted great. Cum does that. The extra moistness from the semen just makes things better. The only issue was that some of my cum rolled all the way down to the table. I licked it up with my finger so it wouldn’t be wasted. That doesn’t usually happen when cumming on large cookies.

I prepared a short video to share on Xtube. It didn’t turn out as good as I was planning for, but its still enjoyable seeing fresh cum being added to food.

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