Cocoa Peebles

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cocoa-peebles-1cocoa-peebles-1-02No milk?  No problem.  A full bladder works just as nicely.

Pee and cereal are a good combination that provide a nice change of pace from traditional milk and cereal, or my favorite, milk and pee and cereal.  I usually prefer a 50/50 ratio of milk and urine, but when there is no milk in the fridge, I can easily make due simply by using pure piss.  I’ve enjoyed cereal with only piss before, and I’ve enjoyed Cocoa Pebbles with semen on top before too, but this was still something new for me to try… Cocoa Pebbles with Piss.

cocoa-peebles-1-04 cocoa-peebles-1-03 cocoa-peebles-1-05  cocoa-peebles-1-06

Using warm pee instead of cold milk makes a noticeable difference.  From the first spoonful I noticed the warmth instead of the chilled taste I am accustomed to.  The warmth of the urine combined with the cereal seemed to bring out more of the flavor.  Of course, I could also taste some of the flavor of my pee with each bite.  If my urine were really strong, I might not enjoy it as much in my cereal, which is a good incentive to keep properly hydrated and avoid too much junk food.

cocoa-peebles-1aaaThe only drawback I can think of to peeing in my cereal instead of using any milk, is that with a full enough bladder to supply enough urine for a bowl of cereal, the stream of pee can be a little too powerful if I open the valve too much.  This can result in some splatter.  This is not a big problem, and a little pee on the table top is easy to wipe up.  Its clear from the animation and video that I was being careful to restrain my urine flow just enough to keep the splatter to a minimum.

The animated image above includes all the best parts of the video, but if you want to see the full process of preparing and eating a bowl of cereal using only my piss, then the video is here on Xtube.

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