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cumonfood-netSome of you may remember the original CumOnFood.net forum.  For those who are not familiar, it was a discussion forum for people to converse with other cum on food enthusiasts.  It allowed people to share their own cum on food photos and stories.  That forum really opened my eyes to the world of eating cum on food.

I had already started eating my cum on food by the time I found the CumOnFood.net forum, but that forum showed me that I was not alone.  It showed me that many guys enjoy eating cum, and many couples enjoy having fun with cum on food.  More than anything, that forum opened up my creative imagination into treating cum on food as a form of erotic artistic expression.  That need for creative expression led me to establish this blog.

Unfortunately, the CumOnFood.net forum shut down a few years ago.  All of the forum members were left without a hub for sharing their cum on food fun.  Some people moved to forums on Fetlife, and others used Tumblr to post pics.  A few tried to resurrect the forum under a new domain, but it didn’t last long.  I was fortunate to already have this blog established for sharing my own explorations with eating cum and drinking pee.  There is still nothing like the original CumOnFood.net forum.

I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across a website where a guy named “Lou” reads forum articles from fringe forums across the Internet.  I was surprised because he did a podcast reading from the CumOnFood.net forum.  His podcast is from a date not long after I had joined the forum, so a few of my forum posts were ranked high at that time and got used in his podcast.  I’ve embedded links to his podcast and website below.

Source:  http://loureads.com/2011/05/26/lou-reads-from-the-forums-of-cumonfood-net/

This is the impressive jar of cum that Lou refers to in his podcast. Doesn’t it look mouthwatering? Imagine having that to cook with! Yum!

Its entertaining to hear the forum stories being read out loud, and Lou does have a good radio voice.  He starts out by reading one of my own forum posts where I shared some of my initial attempts to eat my cum with food.

Unfortunately throughout the podcast he seems to overly exaggerate his distaste for the topic of eating cum.  Perhaps he doth protest too much?  Mostly I think he needs to provide theatric “cover” for his mainstream listeners to hide their curiosity behind a veil of manufactured disgust.  After all, why would he even have a website devoted to fringe podcasts if his stomach is really so sensitive.

I still enjoyed listening to some of the stories from the old forum.  I can remember reading them all, and I remember many of the forum names whose posts he is reading.  It brings back memories of those good old days.

Special note, there is an extra podcast that is only available from his website where he reads from the “Other Fetishes” section on the topic of pee drinking.  Once again, he starts off with one of my posts.  🙂

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