Banana Nut Odwalla Quickie

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The local grocery store had Odwalla bars on sale so I picked up an assortment of them to try.  I’ve already ejaculated on Odwalla bars multiple times, but I just can’t be sure that I’ve cum on top of every single flavor yet, so I figured I’d better buy more to be sure.  As the girl working the checkout grabbed each bar to swipe over the barcode reader, I tried to remember if I’d eaten that flavor with cum yet.  Some I had, and some I had not.

Banana Nut is one of the Odwalla bar flavors I do not think I have tried eating with cum.  I would now proceed to correct that oversight.  From previous experience with bars like these, I knew my cum could easily roll off the edge.  To remedy that, I cut some grooves into the bar to help keep my semen on top.

I was feeling pretty aroused to begin with, so it didn’t take long to reach a nice pleasurable orgasmic edge that yielded three or four nice squirts of thick warm cum.  As planned, most of the cum slipped into the grooves I had carved into the bar.  One good-sized blob did roll off the edge though, so I quickly licked it up before it got too soaked into the paper towel.

I could hardly wait to dig in and start eating the nice cummy treat, but I took a moment to capture a few images to share.  Now everyone can see just how delicious fresh cum looks on a Banana Nut Odwalla bar, as if they didn’t already know!

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