Pissy PBJ

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I had a personal request by a reader of this blog to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich using my penis, then pee on it, then finally eat it.  Sounded like a reasonable request to me, and one that would be fun too.

I used strawberry jelly and a local brand of peanut butter.  The peanut butter was a little oily, but that made it easier to spread around using my penis.  I used pre-measured amounts of peanut butter and jelly to  save a little time and make scooping easier.  It would have been fun to stick my penis in the jars directly though, so maybe next time.

Once I had the sandwich made, I peed all over it.  I made sure to piss on every corner, and gave it ample time to fully soak in.  The sandwich got really mushy, but tasted really good and moist.  I could feel the urine squeezing out of the bread with every bite.  This was definitely a lot of fun to make.  I’ll be doing this again for sure, and with other types of sandwiches too!

I do have a video to share.  I’ve posted the video here on Xtube.

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