Orgasmic Edging Techniques

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If you keep missing out on eating warm fresh cum because you lose interest in eating your cum once you ejaculate, then these tips are for you.  This post is in response to the requests I get to share my tips for edging an orgasm in order to retain arousal and interest in eating your cum.  I touched on this briefly when sharing tips for cumming on food, but I think this technique is worth devoting an entire post.   These tips are things that work for me, your mileage may vary.

Throughout the process of having an orgasm, there are a couple key markers that trigger various stages of arousal.  You will need to learn to recognize your own orgasmic markers.

On the edge of an orgasm...The first important marker is the point where your body flips the switch in your penis to allow semen to flow.  You can feel that change deep in the base of your penis.  That change means I’m on the path toward an impending orgasm.  My penis begins to throb, and I can begin to feel mild orgasmic waves spread through my body.  At this point, it is important to slow down your masturbation.

The next orgasmic marker is feeling when semen begins to build-up in your urethra.  it can be a subtle feeling that you might miss if you are masturbating too fast.  It almost feels similar to the moment when you first begin to urinate. Learning to recognize this point is what edging is all about.

apricot-thumbprint-1-02From this point you will need only a small amount of additional stimulation to begin having an orgasm.  You need to apply just enough very light stimulation to initiate the ejaculation process, then stop.  At this point your orgasmic muscles may start to fire uncontrollably.  If you are trying to aim your cum onto some food, try holding your penis close down toward the base so you don’t unintentionally overstimulate yourself.

Congratulations, you are now right at the “point of no return” with your orgasm.  You should be ejaculating to a very pleasurable orgasm, without your deep orgasmic thrusting muscles kicking in.  Compared to a normal orgasm, the amount of semen ejaculated won’t be quite as much, nor will be the power of the squirts.  Your semen may even just roll out of your penis.  Most importantly, you will have avoided the full hormonal release that saps you of your desire to enjoy eating your cum!

choco-milk2-13While this type of orgasm might be shorter than a full orgasm, you can repeat this process again, and again.  Once you feel your body ease back from the edge, you can start the slow build to quickly reach the edge again.  I once edged myself so many times while ejaculating into a glass of chocolate milk that I was having fantastically pleasurable dry orgasms.  It felt like a never-ending orgasm… which did eventually end with me drinking a glass of cummy chocolate milk.

Please share your tips and experiences in the comments below.

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