Cum Sucking Good Smoothie

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I really love ejaculating into my smoothies.  I can point my penis down toward the smoothie and have a great orgasm.  The smoothie is such an easy target, there is no need to edge my orgasm.  I can let go and have a totally satisfying orgasm straight into the smoothie.

For this orgasm, I edged at least three times for what felt like one long extended orgasm, before I took my pleasure over the edge for a finale of thick creamy cum.  The first edge yielded a few squirts of thin cum, while edge two and three were mostly dry pulses of orgasmic waves.  The final blast was the good stuff.  I was excited to see the thick gobs of semen dripping out of my penis and into my smoothie.  It was at this point I decided this was too yummy looking not to share.


Another advantage of cumming on smoothies is that cum will float on top of the smoothie.  You can enjoy watching it change shape while you are sipping it down.  Even for those guys who lose interest after cumming, if you sip it slowly, you just may regain that interest by the time you suck the cum up through the straw.  (Or you could just mix it in and easily forget that its in there.)

I didn’t intend to suck up my cum so quickly, but sometimes that happens with cum.

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