Cum Cracker

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I was snacking on cheese and crackers while watching a little television.  That is, until I ran out of cheese before I ran out of crackers.  I ate the remaining crackers plain, but I saved the last cracker for my cum.  The cracker in the photo is a Rosemary Raisin Pecan Cracker from Lesly Stowe.

I’ve been really looking forward to eating a load of cum all day when this tasteful opportunity presented itself.  I was so worked up for my cum that I was able to bring myself to orgasm and edge out a good-sized load of cum entirely during a brief commercial break.  I was about to eat it when I decided I should snap a quick photo to share.  I only had my cell phone camera on hand, so the photo quality is a little lower than I would prefer.

My cum had begun to soak in to the cracker.  I ate the entire cracker in one bite, enjoying the texture and flavor of my cum as it mixed into the cracker.  This was the best tasting cracker of the bunch, and being the last cracker, that cummy taste lingered in my mouth for quite awhile.

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