Chocolate Chip Cookie Chips Drooling with Cum

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I love seeing new products at the grocery store that are ideal for topping with fresh cum.  I recently spotted this bag of Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookie Chips while shopping.  I knew immediately I would have to try them with cum all over them.

These chips are somewhat small and they break easily.  A single chip would be too small for a full load of cum, but when stacked up, they create a beautiful visual with fresh creamy cum drooling down the edges.  They look so good with semen on top, I feel that this should be the ideal way to present these as a snack.


Doesn’t that look absolutely amazingly delicious?

Naturally they tasted great, especially the cummy bites.  I am really looking forward to trying the other varieties of cookie chips, stacked with my cum on top of course!

The excellent video for this is available here on Xtube.

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