Odwalla Lemon Ginger Cum Bar

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A good breakfast starts with an orgasm.  A great breakfast starts with an orgasm that sprays warm cum all over your food.  I had another great breakfast this morning. Odwalla is known for making healthy food and drinks.  I think Odwalla bars could be made even healthier by adding fresh semen. There are a nice variety of flavors to choose from, and while I’m sure they all taste good with cum, I chose a nice and fresh lemon ginger snack bar.

I had a very pleasurable orgasm…

I shot a nice sized load off semen across the top of the Odwalla bar…  My semen looks a little like frosting!

After I squeezed all the cum out of my penis onto the Odwalla bar, I enjoyed eating the delicious breakfast.  I also made sure to slurp of all the cum that I accidentally overshot during my orgasm.  The cum covered snack tasted fantastic and the cum gave it a nice moist texture.

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