The Penisalad

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I remember growing up thinking salads were so boring and no fun to eat.  Well, times have changed.  A nice penis can quickly and easily turn an average everyday salad into an erotically delicious meal.  In this case, I wanted to see just how much fun I could have with a pre-packaged salad.

I started with just a basic pre-packaged Chinese Chicken Salad purchased from the local grocery store.  Nothing too fancy.  Once I had it all prepared, it was time for a little messy penis fun.  I shoved my hard penis into my salad.

A hard penis works great at helping to toss salads.  Using my penis, I began tossing the salad, getting the salad dressing mixed not only into the salad, but slathered all over my penis.  This worked really well in combination with the salad fork.

I thoroughly enjoyed feeling all the different ingredients in the salad as they rubbed across my penis.  I could easily feel the difference between the lettuce and the chicken pieces as I mixed them with my erection, and the cool mandarin oranges felt divine.  With the salad dressing covering my shaft, the pieces of shredded carrots would stick to the head of my penis.  I had to use the fork to scrape the excess dressing and bits of salad off my penis.

Once I had the salad tossed well enough, it was time to add a little fresh pee.  This gives the salad a nice juiciness that makes it taste awesome.  I only added a couple ounces of urine to my salad.  I even peed on the fork I was going to eat with.


Finally, for a finishing touch, I added a dash of fresh semen.  With the salad dressing on my cock, it was easy to bring myself to the edge of orgasm.  It was almost too easy.  I edged out a small load of cum into the salad.  Not quite large enough for me to count toward my gallon of cum challenge, but big enough to enjoy knowing I was eating it with my salad.

After I finished eating the salad, with both pee and cum in it, I have to say it was one of the best salads I’ve ever enjoyed eating.  It was also a lot of fun to make!

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