Enhancing Breakfast Cereal with Fresh Pee

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I love pissing on my breakfast, especially breakfast cereals.  Its such a great way to start the day!  Here is my ideal recipe for preparing and serving cold cereal using urine.

Start with a bowl of your favorite breakfast cereal.  In this case I chose Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes.  Add only half of the amount of milk you would normally add.  Of course using any milk at all is optional, as I’ve shown in a previous post where I enjoyed a bowl of cereal using only fresh pee.

Once you’ve got the amount of milk you desire added into the bowl, you can proceed to start peeing on your cereal.  Add enough urine to bring the level up to where you would normally have milk.   Ideally, this should be about a 50/50 ratio of cold milk to warm piss.


When done this way, you will have a nice layer of warm pee on top of a chilled layer of milk.

The flavor of the cereal will be neither drowned out by the taste of pee, nor will it completely overwhelm it.  This is good if you aren’t comfortable with too much pee flavor.  The milk helps maintain the consistency you expect with cereal.  Eventually the pee and milk will mix into a nice yellowish color.  Until then, its fun to watch as they swirl together while you are eating, and you can experience different taste sensations depending on how you spoon each bite.  Enjoy!

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