Pork & Beans & Lots of Cum

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This is a follow-up to my previous post.  Here I’ll show how I enjoyed eating several loads of cum that I thawed out using my cum warmer.  If you haven’t read about my cum warmer yet, check it out here first.  This post picks up where that post left off, with a small sauce bowl of warm cum.

Once my cum was prepared, I quickly added one more fresh load.  This brought the total cum load tally to six loads of cum.

One of the drawbacks to using frozen cum is that is loses some of its visual appeal once is thawed out again.  It doesn’t look as deliciously enticing as freshly ejaculated cum.  I decided to use my cum frother to restore the yummy visual appeal of the semen.

You can clearly see in the photos the dramatic difference the cum frother makes!  Frothing for less than thirty seconds turned my clear runny cum into beautiful thick bright white foamy cum.  It looked so good that I could not resist putting a spoonful on my tongue to enjoy.

I chose a bowl of Bush’s Pork & Beans to eat with this cum.  I wanted all that cum to clearly stand out visually on my food.  In addition, I added a Hot Dog to the Pork & Beans.  Hot Dogs are fun to play with, as well as eat with cum.

I spooned my cum out and spread it around on top of the Pork & Beans.  There was enough cum to cover nearly the entire bowl with a nice layer of foamy cum.  The magic of the cum frother allowed my cum to keep its mouth-watering color and texture the entire time while I was eating the meal.

This was by far the best tasting and most enjoyable bowl of Pork & Beans, proving that cum can make anything, no matter how simplistic, taste better and more enjoyable.

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