How to Thaw Frozen Cum: Using A Cum Warmer

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One of the biggest issues any Cum Chef faces is getting a sufficient quantity of cum to cook with.  This is not a problem if you have enough male dinner guests to supply an ample amount of fresh semen.  For most of us, this usually means preparing well in advance by storing multiple loads of cum in the freezer.  This part is easy enough, and I’ve posted some suggestions for ways to store cum for future use.  Restoring your cum to its original freshness can be a bit trickier.

Unless you are making a cumsicle, you will typically need to thaw your cum.  Some people have suggested in various forums that you can use a pot of hot water.  I’ve tried that and it works but its slow and a little tedious.  I have a better approach.  Use a cum warmer.

A cum warmer is really just a candle (or coffee) warmer.  Its designed to warm candles for their aroma.  I bought one on Amazon to use specifically for cooking with cum.

A cum warmer can thaw your frozen cum and warm it back up without any hassle or extra effort in mere minutes.  It also has the nice benefit of creating a nice cum-scented aroma in the room as it warms the cum.  In the following photos I’ll describe my initial test use of my cum-warmer to thaw some frozen cum.

I usually keep more than one container of cum in my freezer.  Once I get about 5 or so loads in a single container, I start a new container.  This gives me more frequent opportunities to cook with larger quantities of cum.  For this test, I had a plastic cumtainer with five loads of cum.  I didn’t want to risk the cum warmer melting the plastic, so I ran the frozen cumtainer under some hot water briefly so I could easily get the frozen block of cum out and transfer the frozen cum into a small glass bowl.

With the frozen cum in the glass bowl, I turned on the cum warmer.  I took a quick photo every couple minutes as the cum thawed.  I didn’t know how long it would take.  I was surprised at how quickly it thawed out.  Once it was completely thawed it began to warm up.  I could smell the cummy aroma starting to fill the room.  The aroma grew stronger as the cum got warmer.  Before long it was ready to use in my meal.

I’ll share my delicious five cum-loaded meal in a follow-up post shortly.  Please share your preferred method for thawing cum below in the comments.

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