Pissy Pot Pie

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This was a learning experience.  I learned that pot pies are good with piss.

Previously, I tried adding my semen to a delicious chicken pot pie.  Of course it tasted good, but the semen was lacking sufficient quantity to really improve the taste of the pot pie.  Additionally, as an aesthetic garnish, it lacked the contrast to enhance the presentation.  Pee solves both problems.


I call this a learning experience because this was a test to try to find the best way to enjoy peeing on a pot pie.  This being my first time urinating on a pot pie, I tried the obvious approach of simply pissing all over it before eating it.  The hard crust on top caused my pee to splash more than I would have liked.  I tried to minimize the splash by aiming for the small crack in the crust.  This had a nice affect of filling the inside with pee.

Pissing all over the pot pie was fun, and provides a nice contrast when served on a white plate that lets the color of my urine show through.  The pot pie crust quickly began to soak up the warm urine.  After opening up the pie with a fork, I quickly realized that a spoon would be better.  The pie was full of piss!

This gave me an idea for the next pissy pot pie.  Instead of pissing on top of it, I’ll open it up first and fill it with piss.  Then eat the pissy filling, and refill it again with more piss.  I’m looking forward to that pot pie!

Meanwhile, eating my pee soaked pot pie was fantastic.  The urine turned the pie filling into a creamy soup, and softened the crust just enough to retain some crunch without being so dry.  It was so delicious.  I enjoyed every bite, especially the pee soaked crust.

I really loved eating every last pissy bite of this urine soaked pot pie.  I hope you enjoy the photos, and the video on Xtube.

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