Improving Semen Quantity and Quality

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I posted about a study some time ago that found bacon can diminish sperm quality.  In the article I referenced, it was also pointed out that eating fish can improve both sperm quantity and quality.  This got me thinking that I should look for other all natural dietary methods for improving sperm and semen quality and quantity.  After all, who wouldn’t want to ejaculate larger quantities of high grade milky white cum?

Well, a Harvard study looked into the correlation between foods and sperm quantity and quality.  Obviously, its beneficial to eat fruits and vegetables, but certain types seem to have an impact on sperm quantity.

Over at Alpha Male Lifestyle, they have assembled a top ten list of food that can help improve libido, which can directly improve your semen and sperm production.  Check out the list at the link below, then head to the store and stock up!

When it comes to increasing libido, I personally found that drinking my urine works great for me.  That’s probably not due to anything in my urine as much as it is simply because drinking piss is considered a naughty taboo.

Now on the flip side, there may not be much we can do apart from hydrate well to change the quantity of semen with the average orgasm.  According to this medical news article, semen volume is pretty much determined by genetics.

Another article, this one from, argues that all those silver bullet pills that promise to improve ejaculation quantity, are probably all a waste of money.  Age and genetics are the biggest determining factors.

I guess I will have to try making smoothies using the top 10 list of foods to see if I can increase my semen volume.  I will of course share my results.

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