Cum Coated Pineapple Chunks

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Eating pineapple is supposed to improve the taste of semen.  However, semen can also improve the taste of pineapple!

There are a variety of snack sized containers of fruit.  One of my favorites to play with is Dole’s Pineapple Tidbits.  In the past, I have used them to make penis parfaits by mixing them with yogurt in a penis cup.  This time I didn’t have any yogurt, so I thought why not just ejaculate on the pineapple in the container.  I’m so glad that I did!  Penis and pineapple go well together.

Pineapple with cum is clearly a win-win all around.  I edged out a really thick few squirts of cum on top of the container of pineapple chunks.  My semen slowly seeped in as it slathered over the pieces of pineapple.  I spread the cum around a little with the fork before eating the cummy pineapple snack.

I could taste hints of semen with each refreshing piece of pineapple.  Many of the pieces would have nice thin strands of cum dangling off of them as I put them into my mouth.  That really made it much more fun to eat.

The snack size portion was just right for a load of cum to mix in.  I was able to get many bites of pineapple with visible and tasteful amounts of cum.  I was also surprised at how well semen stayed on the pineapple while I was eating it.  I thought for sure the semen would just roll off the pineapple chunks, but it held in place pretty well.  It helped that this load of cum was extra thick and creamy.

Also, this was my first photo shoot using two cameras at the same time to capture the excitement from multiple angles.  I love seeing a nice cumshot onto some food, and this is like twice the fun.  Enjoy the video once it gets uploaded to Xtube.

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