Apricot Raspberry Thumbprint Cum Cookies

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I just love cumming on Pepperidge Farm cookies.  Pepperidge Farm makes such a nice variety of cookies, including Milano Slices – Sweet Toffee & Cum, that there always seems to be something new and exciting to try with fresh semen.  When I saw these Sweet & Simple Apricot Raspberry Thumbprint cookies, I knew I needed to try them with cum.

These cookies have a couple good things going for them in terms of eating them with cum.  First, the cookies have a “thumbprint” depression in the center.  This depression should be ideal for containing a nice load of fresh cum.  Additionally, the color inside the depression should provide a nice contrast to make the cum stand out in an attractive way.  Of course, this was just a hunch.  I would have to ejaculate onto one of the cookies to confirm my hunch.

Given the small target area where I would have to contain my orgasm, I had to be careful to edge my ejaculation without going past the point of no return.  I began to masturbate.  Just as my erection was about to begin throbbing, I moved my penis into position and unloaded a few soft pulses of warm cum right on target.  It was perfect, just as I had planned, as you can see from the photos!

It looked so delicious that I was really excited to eat the cum-topped cookie.  I wanted to try to capture a nice photo of the initial bite into the cummy cookie.  What I did not expect was that as I tipped the cookie toward my tongue, all of my cum that was on the cookie rolled off onto my tongue.  The apricot-raspberry topping was too slick to keep the cum in place.  I ended up eating all my cum with the first bite of the cookie.  It tasted great of course, but there was only one cummy bite to enjoy.

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