Shooting Semen On A Chicken Pot Pie

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This is another example of not easy to see cum on food.  Pot pies are not the best choice for the artistic value of seeing fresh semen on food.  Of course, these photos were just a last second decision to share what I was about to eat.  The quality isn’t really there, but if you look closely, you can definitely seem my cum on top, seeping into the pie crust.

Adding cum didn’t change the taste any either, but it did make the meal a little more exciting to eat.  Plus, I could eat while basking in a little post-orgasmic afterglow.  I also had to be quick to make sure my semen stayed on the pot pie.  The shape of the pie crust didn’t help.

Perhaps if I’d frothed the cum it would have stood out better on the pot pie.  No matter, this is not a bad way to enjoy eating them.  A much better way to enjoy eating a pot pie, as I have discovered, is with fresh pee.  I’ll be sharing that fun experience in an upcoming pot pie post very soon.

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