Breakfast Biscuit Fun

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Its been too long since my last post!  I’ve still been cumming and pissing on my food, just haven’t had time to get good photos to share.  I have lots of ideas yet to share that involve lots more fun with cum and piss!

This morning I decided to snap a few quick photos of a breakfast biscuit before I ate it.  I had a little fun with it first.  I always like to get a nice contrast photo with my penis resting on top of my food.  I also added a couple with my penis inside the biscuit.  Doing so made it officially an egg, bacon, cheese, and penis biscuit.

One of my favorite photos from this photo shoot is this one above.  It show a nice view of my penis layered inside the biscuit.  It also shows how much fun I was having taking the photos, knowing that very soon I would be having an orgasm on my food.  That big blob of pre-cum looks really tempting, doesn’t it?

I was able to bring myself to orgasm pretty quickly, so I edged out some cum on top of the bacon.  Its not so easy to see cum on bacon.  The color contrast just isn’t ideal.  I couldn’t really tell how much cum I just added to the biscuit, so I edged out another small squirt or two.

By holding up the cum-topped bacon, I was able to see a few nice globby strands of my semen dribble off the bacon on to the egg.  I knew there was a nice amount of cum there to be eaten.  I used the bacon to spread my cum around the egg.  Unfortunately, semen doesn’t show up too well on eggs either, especially under the flash of the camera.

Just before I was about to start eating the cummy biscuit, I noticed I had a nice sized glob of cum still dripping from my penis.  I used the top bun to capture it and to squeeze out as much remaining cum from my shaft as I could.

Eating the biscuit was of course delightfully delicious!

I’ve included the full gallery of photos are below for your enjoyment.

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