Frothing Makes Cum Even Better

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We all know how much fun it is to add cum to food.  We can all agree how good a nice load of milky white cum looks on top of a serving of food.  Serving food with cum on it though is also an art form.  Sure, anybody can just ejaculate onto some food, but using a milk frother lets you take cum on food to a higher level of artistry.

The two most common problems with serving food with cum on top, not counting quantity, are placement and presentation.  Getting the cum to land where you want it is not easy, especially if you are adding it directly from the source without catching it in something first.  The next issue is presentation.  Any cum connoisseur will attest that it doesn’t take long for cum to lose its nice enticing milky white color. Usually within about 30 seconds the cum will settle into a mostly clear topping.  Nice thick white cum is much more mouthwatering than clear slimy looking cum.  A cum frother solves both of these problems.

First, to froth your cum, you will need to catch it in a small container.  You can use a shot glass, a small dipping bowl, or anything that will let the frother get at your cum.  Use the frother for about 20-30 seconds at least.  This will turn your cum into a thick white foamy solution.  Now you can use a spoon to scoop out your cum and place it where you want on the food.  Your frothy cum will retain that awesome foamy white color and texture for a long time, making the food that much more fun to eat.

You can pick up a decent milk frother at most good kitchen ware stores.  I bought mine from Amazon.  As you can see, the cum is nice and foamy, making it thick and white.  I think it also has more flavor when frothed up, and who doesn’t want more flavor with their cum?

This frothed up load of cum went straight into my tummy.  It tasted really good licking the raw frothy cum out of the little sauce bowl.  Another nice bonus to frothing is that it can give you more time to recover your desire to eat your cum (if you have that problem).  It also looks more appetizing (and less like jizz) when frothy which makes it easier to forget its actually semen that you are eating and tasting.

In my next post I’ll provide a delicious example of using the cum frother to add a nice tasty frothy cum topping to a chocolate muffin.


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