Eating Red Colored Cum

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Recently I demonstrated the benefits of using a cum frother to make fresh cum thick, foamy, and bright white.  For a reminder, check out my post on cum frothing.  Thick white cum is fantastic as it is, but the creativity doesn’t end there.  A touch of food-coloring can open the door to all sorts of fun ways to top food with the delightful taste of semen.

I had an idea to try adding some food color to cum, but before adding it to food to share here on the blog, I wanted to perform a test run to see if a single drop of food coloring would be enough to color a load of cum.  The photos that follow show how successful my test turned out.

This was so much fun, not just having a fantastic orgasm to share, but seeing spoon after spoon of my cum as it covered my tongue, then enjoying the taste each time.  Wow.  Too bad one of my cum squirts missed or I would have had even more cum to enjoy!  I don’t miss often, but the orgasm just felt so darn good that I went a little over the edge.

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