Beautiful Cum Topped Chocolate Muffin

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As promised in the previous post about using a cum frother, here is a mouthwatering example of using it on food.  I also used the Cum Chef’s Apron.

I chose the chocolate muffin so my cum would really stand out in high contrast.   However, using the cum frother makes cum stand out better on top of just about anything.

To begin, I had a very pleasing, yet controlled orgasm.  I edged twice, milking several small squirts of semen into the little sauce bowl.  As you can see, there is a nice gulp worthy amount of cum in the bowl.  It was not easy to refrain from just slurping it up right then and there.

Using the frother, I frothed my cum for a good 30 seconds or more.  (For more about the Advantages of Cum Frothing, see my earlier post.)  Soon my semen was nice and thick and foamy.  Again, it was not easy to fight the urge to lick it all up fresh and raw.  In my opinion, frothed cum has more flavor.  I think the frothing process helps to bring out the natural taste of the semen.

With a nice bowl of frothy cum, I used a spoon to scoop my cum on top of the muffin.  I placed the cum into the crevasses in the muffin.  Once I scooped out as much cum as I could, I of course had to lick the spoon before licking the bowl clean too.

Its pretty obvious that the frothy cum stands out boldly on top of the muffin.  This is how muffins should be served.  It looks fantastic, and it will stay looking fantastic the entire time it takes to slowly enjoy eating it.

Due to the foaminess, it doesn’t soak in as quickly either.  This makes frothed cum truly a top quality food garnish that will enhance any meal.


In the video accompanying this post, I ending up eating cum-covered parts of the muffin too quickly. I didn’t want the video be too long.  Normally I would eat it slower to enjoy it longer.  The video is posted here on Xtube.


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