2014 Year in Review

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Another delicious year of cum eating and piss drinking has passed.  In this post I’ll take a look back at some of the more memorable additions to this blog.  2014 was a good year, but I posted less than in either of the previous two years.  I’ll make up for that this year by trying to average at least one new post per week.

First of all, 2014 kicked off the addition of two personal cumulative challenges… eating a gallon of cum, and drinking a keg of piss.  Both challenges saw significant progress throughout the year, much of which was shared here on the blog.  Still, progress seems slow, so I’ll have to step up my efforts in 2015 and eat and drink a lot more cum and piss.

There were also some visually fantastic cum on food photos added in 2014.  One of my favorites was the mouth-watering cum topped Milano cookie.  That was supposed to be part of an ongoing series that never really took off.  Oh well, it sure tasted good.

One of the most popular posts from 2014 was the addition of cum to chocolate milk in a wine glass.  There was definitely some good visuals from that post showing a nice strand of cum slowly being ejaculated into the glass of chocolate milk over the course of a fantastic orgasm.

My overall favorite set of visual images from 2014 was the Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cake with Cum.  Is there a better way to say I Love You  than chocolate cake with pink frosted heart topped with fresh semen?  I don’t think so.  Plus the cake made for some nice messy penis fun after eating the cummy part first.

For those who enjoy eating really thick cum, there were some great photos of nice thick loads such as the Easter Cookie with big globs of cum covered in candy sprinkles.  Another thick load was eaten with a Hostess Cinnamon Streusel snack cake.

One of the big surprises was a post that turned out to be much more erotic for the story behind it rather than simply the visuals of my cum on food.  That would have been just another routine set of photos of cum and cookies taken with poor lighting in a hotel room.  It turned out to be a very erotic story due to unexpected circumstances.

2014 also included some delicious photos shared with me by fans of the blog.  The Almonds and Cheese with Cum would make a perfect hors d’oeuvres for any meal.  Another fan shared a multi-load dish of loaded mashed potatoes that looks so delicious!  And most recently, a fan shared photos of a penis parfait session that clearly looked like a lot of tasty fun was had!

There was also plenty of urine drinking in 2014.  Most of the pee I drank was enjoyed straight from a glass, but fresh pee was also added to a lot of food.  I just love a nice salad soaked in warm fresh urine.  The Apple Walnut Salad with Merlot Dressing was a good example off that.  Its so exciting to pee all over your food before the experiencing the wonderful flavors the urine brings out of the salad.

Overall there were fewer pee posts in 2014 than in the previous year.  I’m not sure what interests viewers here more, pee or cum, but there were several direct requests for me to add more pee fun.  I will definitely try to oblige in 2015.

There also weren’t as many messy penis fun photos added in 2014.  I certainly had fun with my penis, and I always love sticking my penis into my yogurt, but apart from the aforementioned Valentine’s post, there was not as much to there should be.  I did however enjoy sticking my penis into just about every glass I have in the house.  And pouring chocolate milk over my penis was fun.  And I can’t forget the penis play surprise when I pissed into my treat while my penis was coated in yogurt.

Other notable posts include finding a better method for storing cum, serving snacks in a penis bowl, and of course the watermelon fun and eating ravioli with both cum and piss.  Many photos from 2014 were added to the Memory Match Game and the Puzzle Collection.

For the full list of all posts added in 2014, check out the archives.

Coming up in 2015 I plan to build on the Cum Chef theme.  I’ll do more with larger quantities of cum using cum stored in the freezer.  I’ll also add more of my favorite lovely labia photos that I find online.  I also plan to add a fun page for visitors to submit photos of their genitalia.  I want to add more content to the puzzle games, and provide options to choose image categories.  I’ll also do more cooking with pee, and peeing all over different foods.  Finally, I have some good ideas for some fun penis art.

Happy New Year all you cum and pee lovers!

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