The Cum Chef’s Apron

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Every good Cum Chef should have a proper apron to cook with.  To make a proper Cum Chef’s Apron,  I cut out a slit in a standard apron just big enough for my penis to slip through.  This is not just a novelty item.  Here are some of the benefits of using an apron when cooking with cum.

Visual Contrast

Your penis will look bold against a nice color contrasting apron.  The eye will be free from other distracting body parts.  The focus will be drawn more on the penis, the cum (or piss), and the food being prepared.  There is no hiding that you will be including your penis into your food preparation!


The apron can act as a hairnet for those of you with un-shaved bodies who enjoy preparing your cum infused food while not wearing clothing.  Cum on food… good, pubes on food… not so good.


Depending on how the hole is cut, the apron can still act as a spatter guard while cooking.  With just a slit, you can tuck your penis back when it isn’t safe to be poking out.  If the hole in the apron is too big however, some sort of fastener might need to be added to close the hole, especially if you plan on frying up some bacon or BBQ’ing.


Want to upload some photos of yourself adding cum to some food but worried a tattoo or scar might give away your identity?  No problem, the apron will cover all but the essentials, letting you share with greater confidence.

Every good Cum Chef should have a good cum chef’s apron at their disposal.  They are cheap, costing between $5-10 typically.  I would recommend a plain solid color instead of any design which might detract from the view of the penis, though whose to say a nice floral design wouldn’t look better with a penis poking out of it.  Also, you might want to avoid cotton, which could be more difficult to keep clean.  I bought my apron from Amazon, where they have many to choose from, but you could also get one from any cookware store.  Have fun!

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