Oreo Cookies Taste Better With Cum

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Oreo cookies and cum go together like butter on toast.  Its a naturally good combination.  Looking back through my blog I was surprised to notice that I had not yet shared a post of cumming on top of Oreo cookies.  I only have the one post where I hide my cum inside the Oreo.  It was time to fix that oversight.

I figured three cookies would be about all I could expect to cover with my cum if I allowed myself to go a little over the edge when having an orgasm.

My primary goal was to capture my ejaculation as my cum shot out of my penis on to the cookies.  I really wanted a nice quality “action” shot similar to when I ejaculated into some chocolate pudding.  Capturing my semen mid-flight are some of my favorite photos.  Unlike the pudding, I had no container to contain my load.  I had to be careful not to go too far over the edge and shoot my sperm past the target.

My secondary goal was to cover each cookie with enough cum that I would definitely taste the semen when eating each cookie.  I tried to spread my cum around, which can be a little challenging to do while having an orgasm.

I think I accomplished all my goals, and I got to enjoy eating some very delicious cum-topped Oreo cookies while having a fantastic orgasm.  A little bit of cum rolled off the edge of the slanted oreo.  That was partially by design, but then I failed to capture that image adequately with my penis was blocking the shot.

The videos are available here on Xtube and also here on YuVuTu.

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