New photos added to puzzle games.

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It has been awhile since I last added any new photos to the games.  Since the last update there have been many new posts available to draw photos from.  I’ve gone through them and hand picked several of the best photos from the blog to add to the jigsaw puzzle and memory match games.  Some really nice posts were missing the games, such as the Kit Kat Cum, and the Valentine’s Day treat, and the penis bowl posts make for some visually interesting puzzles.  I’ve also added some urine fun to the puzzle selection for all the pee lovers out there.

New Jigsaw Puzzles Added – Click here to Play Now!

I had a request to add new puzzles, so, I added fourteen new puzzles to the mix.  Some of them are actually quite challenging for only 49 pieces.  Most puzzles involve cum on food, but some are playful penis fun, and a couple are pee puzzles.

Doing jigsaw puzzles is a good way to stimulate your brain, and when the puzzles are naughty, they stimulate even more.  These puzzles exercise your brain and your libido!  I love solving these puzzles.  My strategy is to first focus on the semen, then I work on the penis, then I assemble the border.  Do you have a preferred puzzle solving strategy?  Here are some articles about the benefits of doing puzzles:

For right now, all puzzles are included in the random mix.  In the future I may provide an option to only choose from puzzles of a certain type.  I also might add an option to increase the difficulty.

New Memory Match Photos Added Click here to Play Now!

The memory game can be addictive, but gets old when the images keep repeating.  Like jigsaw puzzles, memory games also help train the brain.  So, along with new jigsaw puzzles, I added whole bunch more images to the memory match.  This should create more variety in the game, and I will be adding plenty more, with new category options.  Here are some articles on the benefits of playing memory games:

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