Labor Day Watermelon Fun

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When I saw this small watermelon at the store, I was only thinking about how delicious and refreshing it would be to eat on a hot afternoon.  I had no thought of eating it with semen.  However, once I was getting ready to cut into it, all sorts of ideas started popping into my head.  My first thought was just to cut it up into pieces into a bowl, then add some fresh cum on top.  I’ve seen some nice photos from other guys who had added their cum to watermelon slices.  I figured it was my turn to do that with my own cum.  Then just before I started to cut into the melon, I had another idea… why not stick my penis in it?

I began by laying out everything I would need for a nice refreshing watermelon treat.  That included the following: 1 small size watermelon, a spoon, a knife, and my penis.  I suggest using a chilled watermelon for maximum refreshment.

I only needed the knife just to cut a small hole into the melon big enough for my erect penis to fit through.  I tried to be careful not to make the hole too big.

Next I used a spoon to deepen the hole.   It took a few tries to get the depth just right to fit my entire erection.

With the hole ready, I slid my hard penis into the watermelon.  I could feel the fruit inside rubbing against my manhood.  It felt cool and very wet.  It was so thrilling to see my entire penis disappear into the fruit I knew I would soon be eating!

I started using the watermelon to masturbate with.  Sliding my penis in and out of the chilled watermelon.  It turned my penis a light reddish color as the water from the fruit would drip out.  I could feel the rough, but not abrasive, fruit as my penis rubbed against the inside of the melon.

Each time I pulled my penis out of the watermelon, I could see pieces of fruit clinging to my shaft as the juices were dripping.  The hole I had cut out was tight enough that the watermelon kept making loud sucking sounds as air was repeatedly forced in and out.

The watermelon felt really good, and the experience was wildly exciting, yet the stimulation was not enough to get me to orgasm.  The fruit is just a little too rough to push me over the edge.  I would have to manually add my cum inside.

I propped up the watermelon with the hole facing upward.  I began edging and gave myself a fantastic orgasm.  I drained all the semen out of my throbbing penis into the watermelon.

With my cum clearly visible inside the watermelon, I continued spooning out and eating the fruit.  With each of the next few bites, I could see my cum mixed into the juicy pieces of watermelon.

The cummy mixture of chilled watermelon and warm cum of course tasted fantastic!  It was thoroughly refreshing to eat while still basking in the post orgasm state of relaxation.

I took a bunch of photos to share, and I made a video to share as well, posted here on xTube.

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