Cum and Cookies

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Recently I had to do some travelling that required an overnight in a hotel room.  While out at dinner, I was offered some chocolate chip cookies.  I immediately thought to save some to orgasm on top of later.  So I wrapped a couple in a napkin to take with me.

Back at the hotel, I was really looking forward to a good orgasm, dropping a nice load of semen on top of the cookies, then enjoying a nice stroll outside while eating the cum-topped cookies.  The only drawback was the poor lighting in the hotel room meant the pictures might not turn out too well, I and would have to use my phone to take the pictures, which could make it challenging to get good shots.

I laid the cookies out on the napkin on the hotel room table.  I rubbed my penis along the top of the cookies first to help line up the target.  Once I had a good angle to drop my cum on the cookies, it was time to focus on having an awesome orgasm.

I was intending to have a full orgasm with maximum cum, but habits took over and I edged out a fun-sized load of semen.  I was able to contain all my cum to a single chocolate chip cookie.  After squeezing out the final drops of cum, my mouth was watering!  Time to eat!

I wanted to eat the cummy cookie outside in the fresh air.  I could hear someone out there on their cell phone down the hall.  I picked up the cookie with my cum on top and headed outside.  As soon as I got outside the door, I noticed the person on the phone was really close and looking straight at me.  Holding the cookie in a way to obscure the semen on top, I started to take a bite.  Just then the moisture from my cum had soaked into the cookie enough to cause it to start to break apart.  I had to quickly catch the cookie in my open palm, with one bite still in my mouth, and a strand of cum stringing down to the cookie in my hand.  Oops.  Not as subtle as I had planned.  At this point I really had little choice but to shove the rest of the cookie into my mouth and keep on walking.

I love how cum adds just the right amount of extra moistness to dry foods, especially cookies.  The cookies soak up the added flavor.  The cum topped chocolate chip cookie tasted fantastic.  Too bad I only had the one, as I could easily have eaten dozens more if I had enough cum!

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