Bear Naked Bar with Cum Topping, Part 2

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In Part One, my cum just rolled off the top of the Bear Naked bar.

In Part 1, I enjoyed eating a nice Bear Naked Bar snack slathered in fresh semen.  Unfortunately, my cum didn’t stay on top too well.  So while it looks good in the photos, and of course tastes good too, I feel like its better when it all stays on top of the food so nothing can get wasted, especially when walking around outside while eating food with cum on top.  With that in mind, I decided to try cutting a small slit in the top of the bar.  The intention was that my cum would settle into the groove instead of running off the edge.

A nice penis goes well with food.

I could hardly wait to test my plan.  I used a butter knife to carve out a small groove for my cum to settle into.  In my excitement, I almost cut the bar in half.  That would not have worked too well.  Now that I had a nice slit, I quickly edged out a nice orgasm, trying my best to squirt my cum into the slit in the snack bar.  The groove worked very well!  Further testing was required though to validate my initial positive results.

Over the next few days, I kept adding nice loads of fresh cum on top of the Bear Naked Bars.  Each time I would carve a little groove into the top.  And each time I enjoyed nice semen topped snacks without any cum drooling over the side, even after biting into the bar.

Since I was only edging my orgasm, the quantity of semen I was adding was not enough (how much is ever enough?) to overflow the bar.  I had to try saving up for a full orgasm with lots of cum.  When I tried that, I found the Bear Naked Bar simply wasn’t big enough, and although the groove did help, there was just too much cum to fully contain on top.  Not a bad problem to have I guess.

This little trick can be very useful, whether you are eating your own cum, or feeding it to someone else.  It only takes a few moments with a butter knife, and it is well worth the little bit of extra effort.  Taking the time to carve a space really gives the semen a special look that shows it is there by thoughtful intention.  There is also an oddly erotic feeling knowing that the food you are preparing calls for an orgasm.  That is just one of the fun side affects of cooking with cum!

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