Microwave Lasagna

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I just noticed that I hadn’t posted anything new for the entire month of July, even though I’ve been eating plenty of my cum throughout the month.  I will have to back-date a couple posts to show you all what I’ve been doing.  I have some awesome photos to post from July with my cum drooling out on my food.  Yum.

Now, after realizing that I was too busy to post anything last month, I want to get this month off to an early start.  I found myself eating a tray of Stouffer’s Microwave Lasagna, and I was plenty horny while eating it since I was chatting on Yahoo IM with three different people, all of whom enjoy cum too.

I found myself having three separate discussions about eating cum, all at the same time.  I got so horny I couldn’t hold back.  I quickly ejaculated a large load of cum on top of my lasagna without breaking any of the conversations.  It was a very pleasing orgasm, and I let the cum soak into the lasagna nicely before devouring it all.

I told everyone I was chatting with that I had just masturbated into my food and was eating it while we were chatting.  They all loved it!

I only managed to snap the one so-so photo.  It was too spur of the moment and the semen was difficult to photograph with one hand, plus there was a lot of glare.  I will have to try this again when I’m better prepared.

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