Hostess Cinnamon Semen Streusel Coffee Cake

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I had a taste for a nice little cum-topped treat.  This meant a quick trip to the local 7-11 to find something tasty that would go well with fresh semen.  What I found was a this fun size coffee cake treat from Hostess.  It looked like my cum would now only show up well against the cinnamon crumble topping, but my semen would add a little extra moistness to the cake.

First, as per my usual, I had to pose with my penis pressed on top of the snack.  This is just something I almost always do.  I like to test how the texture of my food feels against my penis.  I also love seeing the “out of place” contrast of some nice food with a penis.  I didn’t spend too much time posing with the Hostess treat since I was eager to add my special creamy semen topping.

The rounded shape of the snack meant that there was a good chance my cum might roll off the edge, however the texture was such that it would likely roll slowly, giving me time to catch it first.  The goal was to drop a nice edged ejaculation centered on top of the coffee cake.  With that in mind I started working my shaft.

It did not take long to bring myself to the edge.  Without going over into a full orgasm, I experienced a blissful throbbing ejaculation that was easy to target.  The cum rolled out of my penis right where I intended, nearly top dead center of the sweet little treat.

As expected, my semen started to roll toward the edge, but it was slowed by the rough texture of the cinnamon topping before it could roll off.  That gave me time squeeze out every last drop of sperm.

Still basking in the afterglow, I could tell this was going to be a very delicious treat.  My cum sitting on top looked like it was so meant to be there.  It was perfect and it tasted fantastic.  The extra moistness of my semen not only added a nice additional flavoring, but it also brought out more of the cinnamon flavor too.

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