Bear Naked Bar with Cum Topping, Part 1

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I bought an entire box of these bars with the intention of cumming on top of each and every one of them.  After my experience with the South Beach Bar I knew these would be just as good with a nice thick topping of fresh semen.  I was right!

With the first bar, I simply dropped a nicely edged out load of cum on top.  My cum didn’t exactly want to stay on top, however.  It rolled over to the edge forcing me to lick the plate clean to enjoy it all.  I needed a strategy to help keep my warm semen on top of my snack.

Eating the bar with my cum dripping all over was a bit messy, which is fine sometimes.  Cum tastes just as good when being licked clean off a plate.  The trouble is that its not easy to walk around while eating a cum-topped snack if the cum is dripping off onto the floor.  I needed a strategy to keep my cum on top so it wouldn’t run off while I was eating it.

I decided to try cutting a small slit in the top of the bar.  My intention was that my cum would settle into the groove instead of rolling off the edge.  I’ll show you all the results of that in Part 2.


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