More Yogurt Fun, with a Surprise!

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These images are from a while ago.  I had forgotten that I made a short video of some routine yogurt fun.  When I finally got around to reviewing this I was expecting just another random photo shoot with my penis in yogurt, but the video had a little surprise at the end.  While fast forwarding through the video, I was shocked and surprised when I suddenly saw the yogurt turn yellow.  I totally forgot I did this!  So…

Just about to plunge my penis in a cup of yogurt. My penis in my yogurt.

Yogurt and a penis go together like chocolate and peanut butter.  Its not uncommon for me to stick my penis in my yogurt before eating, but this time, as I was having some fun stirring the yogurt with my shaft, I felt a slight urge to pee.  So that’s when this happened…

With my penis still coated in a thick layer of blueberry yogurt, I relaxed my bladder and let a brief stream of urine shoot out.  I had never pee’d in my yogurt before, so this was a new and exciting novelty.  I had enough of an erection that made it a little difficult to pee freely.  That was okay though since the size of the container meant I would not be able to add too much piss anyway.  With much excitement, I let loose a few more controlled squirts of urine into the blueberry yogurt.

I was able to capture some of the fun to share here.  I really like seeing the stream of urine coming out of my yogurt covered penis.  The bright yellow pee looked even brighter when contrasted against the white yogurt.  That created a nice visual effect with each delicious spoonful of pissy yogurt.  I remember it tasted good, and mixed in well!

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Yes, I have cooked with Pee, and peed on food.
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