South Beach “Good to Go” with Cum Bar

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While walking through the grocery store, I happened to spot these little snack bars.  My immediate thought was, “Wow, I bet my cum would look and taste amazing drizzled across the top of those!”.  I had to buy a box of them to find out for sure.

The box comes with around 8 or so of the individually wrapped bars.  Perfect for when you want to grab something convenient to eat with fresh semen on top.  The bars have a little bit of frosting already on top, so adding some extra frosting straight from my penis only makes good sense.

After opening one of the individually wrapped bars, I was surprised by how small they are.  They make my penis look huge when placed across the top of the bar.  Also, the small size of the bar means a single load of cum can cover most of the treat and you can enjoy multiple cum topped treats without over-indulging in too many calories.

These mouthwatering photos I took pretty much speak for themselves.  It was so much fun to have a fantastic orgasm, then eat the reward for my effort in such a visually appealing and super delicious manner.  These bars are much better to eat with cum on top since the added semen gives them just the right amount of extra moistness compared to eating them plain and dry.  If you see them in your local store, I highly recommend picking some up and ejaculating all over each and every one.  They are definitely “Good to Go” with cum on top!

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