Semen Facial

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So this attractive woman writes a blog post about using semen as a facial scrub and it goes viral throughout mainstream media.  You really got to be passionate about semen to make a bold statement like that.  Kudos to her.

She may be on to something, but to me it seems like a waste since I believe semen is most beneficial when ingested.  I think she would actually get more benefit from using urine instead of semen.  Just read the label of most facial cosmetics and you’ll find some form of urea in most of them as the essential component.  Urea is also the second most common component of urine, behind water.  In fact, there is plenty of recorded history of people using urine as an elixir of youth, good for both drinking and using as a skin treatment.

Many of the media outlets have jumped all over her blog post simply for the sensationalism that comes from using the word “semen” in a mainstream news article.  In her blog post, which she has had to update multiple times, she handles many of the obvious responses with class and thoughtfulness.  Here is a photo of an attractive woman with human sperm spread all over her face, yet she handles the obvious responses intelligently and with dignity.

It is frustrating to think that every single human on this earth only exists because of sperm cells, yet we as a species are ridiculously squeamish about the topic.  Regular ejaculations are just one way to help prevent prostate cancer, yet too often men don’t ejaculate often enough.  Plus, the overwhelming majority of sperm goes to waste either down the drain or tossed out in a condom.  Why not put more of it to good use?  Personally I would recommend just eating it, but using it as a skin treatment is just as valid.  No harm, no foul!

For the full story, follow this link…  Semen Facial.

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