Loaded Mashed Potatoes

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These images were sent to me by Average Joe, a fan of this site.  He is also an avid cum eater and pee drinker.  In these photos, he enjoyed a delicious serving of mashed potatoes, topped first with chili, then with 5-6 loads of semen.  He had the semen saved up for a few days prior to the meal.

What I really like about these photos (besides all the juicy cum) is the layer of chili provides two layers of contrast.  I don’t know if he planned it this way or if it just turned out like that.  It definitely adds to the visual complexity.  Also, by using multiple loads of semen, there is enough there to really influence the flavor.


As for the cum itself, who wouldn’t want to eat that?  It has an ideal slightly off-white color, and thick too.  You can see the several mouthwatering gobs of cum.  These photo really make me want to grab a spork and dig in!!

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