Ejaculating Into Spinach Dip

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Recently while watching TV naked, I had a taste for some chips and dip.  So, I opened a new container of spinach dip and a bag of chips.  I had to place the container of dip on the chair between my legs.  Of course, as long as my penis was right there, I figured I ought to just put my penis into the container of spinach dip.  So there I was enjoying some snack food, with my penis in the dip.  As I ate the dip, I had to keep pushing my penis around with the chips to scoop out the dip.  About half-way through the dip, I got really really horny for the taste of my semen.  I had no choice now but to ejaculate into the spinach dip.

Since my penis was already in the spinach dip, I decided to use the dip that was on my penis as a lube and started to masturbate.  As I was getting close to orgasm, I started to think maybe I would not just edge this time, but instead give myself have a full blown orgasm.  It didn’t take long before I could feel the head of my penis start to throb with pleasure.  I felt the ejaculation starting to swell and moments later squirts of warm sticky semen shot into the spinach dip.

I basked in the moment for a couple minutes as I made sure to squeeze out every last drop of semen into the dip.  My cum looked so delicious in the creamy dip I could hardly keep snap a few photos before eating it all.  I grabbed a chip and scooped up a nice amount of cum and spinach dip.  The cum was making my mouth water as strings of cum cascaded off the chip.  Eating it slowly, I could taste the addition of my warm jizz to the flavor of the spinach dip.  I had ejaculated enough cum for about four nice cum-covered bites!  Yum!

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