Easter Egg Cookie Treat

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This past Easter I celebrated by eating a cookie shaped like a fancy colored egg.  Oh, and I added some extra decorative flavoring to the cookie in the form of a large load of thick gooey semen with sugar sprinkles on top.

While adding my cum to the cookie, I had an excellent dual orgasm.  The orgasm resulted in two good ejaculations that produced some nice thick globs of sperm.  Since I hadn’t masturbated in several days, I wanted to really drain my testicles with this load.  Thankfully I’ve long since reached the point where I still want to eat my cum even right after a full orgasm.

After squeezing out as much semen as I could from my penis, I had a little fun letting gravity spread it around on the cookie.  You can’t really see from the photos, but in the video, it looks really good!  It literally makes my mouth water every time I see the large gobs of cum sliding around on the cookie.


Once I had the cum spread around a bit, it was time to add some extra decoration.  I added some chocolate sprinkles to my cum first.  Then, I added some multi-colored sprinkles.  The close-up photos of the cookie with my sprinkle covered cum on top turned out great!

Such a fun treat to make, and eat!  You can catch the video of the whole thing here on Xtube.

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