Yogurt Covered Penis – 7 Reasons Why Its So Good!

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I saw a new brand of yogurt at Target, so I thought I had better stick my penis in it before tasting it.

I saw a new brand of yogurt at Target, so I thought I had better stick my penis in it before eating it.

There are a many foods that pair well with a throbbing penis.  Foods such as pudding, ice cream, pie, and pasta come to mind.  They are all fun to play with using your penis, but at least for me, the number one most fun is yogurt.  What is it about yogurt that makes it so great to play with using your penis?


It doesn’t get much easier than opening up a container of yogurt, then putting your penis in it.  An erect penis can stir up the brands where the fruit is at the bottom.  There is no prep work and the yogurt on your penis that doesn’t get eaten is easily rinsed off with a washcloth.


Most people will agree that eating yogurt is a good source of both calcium and pro-biotics.  This is especially true if you buy good quality yogurt with a large variety of living cultures.  The thrill of using your penis to play with your yogurt can thus help to encourage better eating habits.


Yogurt comes in many varieties of styles and flavors.  There are also a variety of color shades to choose from, ranging from plain white, pink, purple, and even chocolate.  Additionally, there are a large variety of brands of yogurt to choose from.  Each brand each flavor a little different than other brands.  There is also variety in shape and size of the container, though I recommend using caution with the narrow opening of some of the Yoplait yogurt containers.


Yogurt has the ideal texture that feels wonderfully smooth and silky on your penis.  It also has the ideal consistency that allows it to easily cover the shape of your genitalia.  This combination of smooth silky consistency makes it perfect for dipping a penis into.


Adding to the variety, yogurt is great for adding any number of mixings.  I do this often when I make a Penis Parfait.  I add fruit and granola.  There are many options available in terms of fresh or canned fruit, and a variety of granola mixes.  I prefer canned fruit cocktail.  The pieces of fruit feel wonderful rubbing up against my penis, and they taste good too!

Stir and ENJOY!


If you enjoy eating yogurt, then you’ll really enjoy eating yogurt that you spoon off the shaft of your penis.  It seems to taste a little better that way.  Maybe because you can taste the way your penis warms up the yogurt, which may bring out more of the flavor.


This should be obvious!  It is erotic from start to finish, from the moment your penis first touches the chilled yogurt before diving in, to the last bit that you scrape off and eat.  Seeing your penis covered with yogurt is erotic, just as feeling the chill of the yogurt on your skin as your penis slowly warms the yogurt.  If the eroticism overwhelms you, yogurt also makes a good lubricant that goes well with cum.

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