Part 2: Adding Cum to Chocolate Milk in a Wine Glass

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In part one, I had fun using my penis to help prepare a wine glass of chocolate milk.  Now with the table all set, this is where the rubber hits the road, as they say, or in my case, where the cum hits the food!  (Note, it sounds really odd writing about drinking chocolate milk from a wine glass.  Oh well.)

I had one main artistic goal for this set of photos.  I wanted to highlight the simple elegance of the wine glass juxtaposed with my semen drooling out of my penis in a long strand and disappearing into the drink.  I chose a straight on camera angle for this because I wanted to make the wine glass the primary object of attention, even while my cum was clearly draining out of my penis into the glass.  I thought that might resemble how wine glasses are usually photographed for commercial purposes, just without the penis hovering over the top.

With the glass of milk in position, I started to stroke my penis.  I was really turned on by the thought of adding my semen to the chocolate milk.  I used my pre-cum as a lube and started working the underside of tip of my penis.  I found I can still edge myself very effectively that way without all the jerky motion of the typical masturbation technique.

Having a throbbing orgasm without ejaculating.

Having a throbbing orgasm without ejaculating.

The first squirt of semen rolled out rather quickly.  I thought I had brought myself too close to the edge and would explode with a blast of cum… but then it subsided.  I started to rub my shaft again and quickly I approached the edge, but this time when I eased off I had a “dry” orgasm.  My penis was throbbing in ecstasy, but no semen came out.  It was on the edge of an edge.  I started again, and once again after only a few moments, I had another dry orgasm.  This happened about 4 times before I finally pushed myself a little further and had the orgasm I was expecting.  The whole sequence of orgasms was so good it was getting difficult to remain standing!  If you look closely in the video, you can see my penis throbbing in between cumshots.  Those were the dry orgasms that were so awesome!

The second cumshot gave me exactly what I was looking for, the “money shot”.  I had a nice long string of cum extending from the tip of my penis down into the glass.  I let all the semen drain into the glass and tried to squeeze out every last drop of sperm I could.

Adding a final glob of thick cum to the glass of chocolate milk.

Still basking in the afterglow, I was so looking forward to drinking the cummy chocolate milk.  What I did not expect to see was that my cum was still floating on top!  I’ve never had chocolate milk with cum before so I didn’t know if that is typical.  I was expecting my cum to sink to the bottom where I could enjoy it with the last sip.  Instead, I got to enjoy my cum within the first few sips.  And enjoy it I sure did!

I made a video of the cumshots that will be here on Xtube once I get it uploaded.

Drinking the chocolate milk from the wine glass with the nice visual of fresh semen on top had a very eclectic feeling to it.  I could imagine a milk bar where different flavors of milk are all served in wine glasses.  For an extra fee, you could have it served with fresh semen on top, perhaps drizzled into a fancy pattern like the baristas do at the coffee shops.  Wouldn’t that be something awesome!

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