Part 1: Adding Cum to Chocolate Milk in a Wine Glass

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After photographing my penis in several different types of glasses,  I was exciting to experiment with the wine glass using different types of drinks.  Since I happened to have chocolate milk handy still from a previous set of photos, I though I would just use that.  I have a lot of photos from this session, so I’m breaking them down into two parts posted separately.  Part one is the setup, and part two is where I add my cum.  Think of this post as the foreplay.

I started with a few new photos of my penis in the wine glass.  I made sure that my penis rubbed up against everywhere on the inside of the glass.  I even put my scrotum in the glass.  Finally I used my penis to caress the lip of the glass, ensuring that no matter where I took a sip, I would be sipping from a part of the glass that had touched my penis.  When I was done, the wine glass was nice and warm.  Now it was time to add the cold chocolate milk.

Naturally, I poured the chocolate milk into the glass over my penis.  Is there a better way?  I think not.  I love the photo with my penis pressed against the edge of the glass while undermilk.  (I think I may have just made up a new word there.)

In part two, I’ll share the beautiful photos of my cum dropping into the glass of chocolate milk.  Sorry for the teaser, but I wanted the cum photos to have their own blog post.

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