Chocolate Milk and Penis

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After sizing up a variety of different glasses with my penis, I needed to perform an actual test that involved drinking from a glass that was poured over my penis inside the glass.  I was really excited to do this. I used to drink milk like this quite often when I was a teenager, but not so much since then, and never on camera.


I chose to use chocolate milk, mostly because that is all I had in the fridge to drink.  Water would have worked, but maybe I’ll post that another time.  The chocolate milk had a good creamy texture that I could feel as it rolled across my penis and splashed into the glass.  See my penis all chocolaty made me really wish I could put it in my mouth to lick clean.

Having my penis in my glass of chocolate milk made it more exciting to drink.  I could feel my shaft throbbing while it was submerged in the chocolate milk.  I didn’t want to keep it in there for too long or the heat emanating off my penis would surely warm up the milk.  Perhaps next time I will intentionally leave my penis in the milk long enough to warm it up for a nice glass of warm chocolate milk, courtesy of my penis.

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