Valentine’s Day Special Treat

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Valentine’s Day always seems to invoke images of chocolate, so if you are going to give your sweetheart a sweet treat, why not make it a little extra special by adding fresh semen on top!

Orgasms are always part of a good Valentine’s Day.  I saw this piece of Valentine decorated chocolate cake at the local grocery and it spoke to me.  It said, “Please cum all over me!”.  How could I resist?


Before I started to milk my semen, I had to test the surface texture of the cake.  The best way to do this is with a penis.  I laid my shaft across the top of the cake in a few different poses, trying not to disturb the nice pattern in the frosting.  Inevitably I did, and ended up with chocolate frosting all over my penis.  After licking it off with my fingers, it was time to move on to adding my own bit of decoration.

As I started stroking, I thought for this special occasion I would do more than just an edge.  I would let loose a full orgasm of warm jizz.  Since I only had the one slice of cake, I wanted to really make sure I would ejaculate enough semen to make for some really tasty photos.  As I began to feel up-swell in my penis, I knew I was about to blow, and my edging habit took over.  After a small single shot of cum, I quickly pushed myself toward another orgasm, this time with a more forceful, yet still controlled, blissful ejaculation.

After cumming on the cake, I took a few quick photos.  My semen looked so delicious on top!  I could hardly wait to dig in and eat it.  After snapping a few photos to share, I grabbed the fork started to enjoy my treat.  I went right for the cummy bites first, and dipped each bite into the cum that was still on top.  It only took a few bites to finish off the best parts, so I decided I would have some fun with the rest of the cake.


Once I’d eaten all the cum covered parts of the cake, it was time to play a little.  I wanted to get nice and messy with the cake and frosting.  I mashed my penis into the cake repeatedly, and then mashed the cake onto my penis.  I used my penis to break apart the cake into bite sized pieces, then used the fork to scrape some frosting off my shaft with each bite.  I was having a lot of fun playing with it.  By the end, my penis was completely covered in cake and frosting.

Eating the cum covered pieces tasted the best.  The rest of the cake was a little dry.  I should have just added a little fresh urine to moisten it up some, but I didn’t think of it at the time.  I will have to remember that for next year (or perhaps sooner!)

Did your Valentines Day involve any cum eating?
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No cum was eaten, but there was cum involved.
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