Ravioli Cum Pee

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While preparing a plate of ravioli, I had the sudden urge to pee on it.  I tried to pee all over it, but my bladder was not cooperating.  I should have been drinking more water before dinner.  Having added only a few ounces of urine to my dinner, I thought I should also ejaculate on it as well.  Why not, right?

My pee mixed in well with the sauce, which tasted splendid.  The sauce was a little thick, so adding my urine helped thin it out a bit.  Peeing on it also helped keep the pasta from drying out before I could eat it.  That makes sense considering most face moisturizers use some form of urea, a compound found in urine.  If it works on skin, shouldn’t it also work on pasta?

After urinating on my food, you can clearly see in the photos how very aroused I became.  I was able to quickly bring myself to a very pleasing orgasm that resulted in a nice amount of semen being deposited on my dinner.  Naturally, the raviolis with the most sperm on top were the first ones I ate!  I wish I had enough cum to cover each and every ravioli, or even better, fill each of them with my cum.

After eating the whole plate of ravioli, I had a thought, what if there was a restaurant where the waiter, after serving you your meal, asked you… “Would you like ground pepper?  Would you like grated Parmesan?  Would you like fresh urine?  Would you like fresh semen?”  Any of which could be added right there on the spot by whipping out either a pepper grinder, cheese grater, or his penis.

Enjoy the videos on Xtube.  Here is the long version, and here is the abbreviated version.

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