Penis In A Glass

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Besides putting my penis in my food, I also enjoy putting my penis in my drinks.  I decided I would do some testing with various drinking glasses to find the ideal glass to put my penis into.

For this test, I chose a sampling of several different types of glasses.  The only real criteria was that they be completely clear so I can see my penis well when it is inside the glass.  I chose a range of sizes, from a tiny single shot glass, to a large hurricane glass.  The only glass I missed was a pint glass, which would likely work very well.

The testing phase would determine the following five factors for each glass;
1.  How well does my penis fit into the glass.
2.  How much of my penis can I fit into the glass.
3.  Can I also fit my scrotum into the glass.
4.  How much room would remain in the glass to add a beverage.
5.  How awesome does my penis look inside the glass.

I choose the following six types of glasses from my cupboard… a shot glass, a punch glass, a typical household glass, a coffee mug, a hurricane glass, and finally a wine glass.  In another post, I may also add a martini glass, a margarita glass, a bourbon glass, a champagne glass, a pint glass, and any other interesting type of drinking glass I can find.


1.  The Shot Glass

This was predictably the least effective glass to stick my penis into.  The small size meant that only the tip of my penis would actually fit inside.  That would be fine as a way to “warm-up” the glass prior to adding a drink to it, but there is no room at all for my penis to be in the glass with any sort of beverage.  Photographically speaking, it didn’t really look all that great either, in my opinion, compared to the look of my penis inside the other glasses.  There just isn’t enough visible penis inside the glass.  The shot glass is not bad for storing cum in the freezer with the goal of drinking a shot of cum, but I prefer better methods of storing my cum.


2.  The Punch Glass

I’m not sure if this is really called a punch glass, but it is a type of glass often found alongside punch bowls.  This glass had an interesting wave effect, and unlike the others, this glass is actually made of plastic.  It is still clear, so I used it for my testing purposes.

My penis fit into this glass quite well, at least half of my penis did.  That is the fun half anyway, and it was easily visible.  The wave effect made my penis look more interesting, so I have to say thumbs up for that.  The small size of this glass does not leave much room for a beverage, but at least about half a glass could be added while my penis is inside.


3.  The Common Household Glass

This glass was large enough for me to put my entire penis inside, and most of my scrotum.  With my penis in this glass, there was not much room to pour in anything to drink, nor would there be much room inside the glass with all the space being used by my penis. If this glass already had a drink inside, it would like spill out once I put my penis inside.  The glass felt a little snug against my penis, which felt good and a little exciting.  Having my penis fitting tightly in this glass created enough of a seal at the top that the heat from my erection was fogging up the inside of the glass.  Kinda cool eh?  Penis fog!


4.  The Coffee Mug

This is not a typical coffee cup, though I thought it would be a good one to put my penis in.  It has a jar shape, with a handle.  It holds more than a typical coffee cup would hold.  The handle was very useful.  I could easily hold the mug with my penis all the way inside the cup.  That made it a lot of fun.

My penis was also a very good fit for this cup.  I could fit most of my penis inside, and still have plenty of room for a beverage.  The top was too narrow to fit my scrotum as well, but it was wide enough that I would be able to pour a drink over my penis while it is inside the glass.  Filling the glass while my penis is inside lets me feel my drink on my penis as I pour it into the glass.  It is also exciting to see my penis getting coated with my drink as it runs off my shaft.

Photographically, it looks great seeing my penis inside this glass.  Most beverages would likely obscure my penis, unless I had it pressed against the side of the glass.  This glass also had some writing molded into one side of the glass, which makes it a little more interesting to photograph.


5.  The Hurricane Glass

This glass has the largest capacity of all the ones I have tested so far.  It is taller, with a bulb shape at the bottom to allow for plenty of liquid.  My fully erect and throbbing penis fit nicely into this glass.  The top was again too narrow for my entire scrotum to fit inside. It also started to get fogged up with penis fog much like the common household glass did.  This glass would be fun to pee into while my penis is fully inside.  I think that would make an interesting visual seeing it fill with urine, and my penis should be easily visible while doused in my pee.  That will no doubt be a future blog post!


6.  The Wine Glass

This is the most iconic of all the glasses I sampled putting my penis into.  This type of glass makes anything inside it look good!  My penis was no exception.  There is a certain degree of refinement with this glass that makes even a penis inside look classy and sophisticated.  This glass easily handled my entire penis and scrotum, though it was a bit snug.  With only my shaft in the glass there is plenty of room inside for a beverage.  The only drawback with wine glasses are how easily they break.

Without a doubt, this glass looks great with a penis in it!  I will definitely be using the wine glass in future blog posts involving both cum and pee.


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