Milano Slices – Sweet Toffee & Cum

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This post marks the first milestone in my Eat A Gallon of Cum challenge.  This is the 100th load of cum I’ve eaten since starting this blog.  I really wanted this to be a good one, and I think I succeeded!

This will be the start of a new series based on cookies from Pepperidge Farm.  Each month I’ll ejaculate on a different type of cookie.  Of course I’ll eat the cum topped cookie as well.  To kick off the series, I chose the Milano Slices Sweet Toffee.  From the picture on the package, I could tell it would provide a good contrast once I dropped a warm load of cum on top of the cookie.  The toffee pieces would also provide some good texture for the semen to flow over.  Finally, I was pretty sure it would taste good plain, but it would taste even better once covered with my cum.

Initially, I edged out only a small amount of cum.  I then proceeded to edge out a very satisfying orgasm that seemed like more than just an edging, yielding as much cum as a full orgasm.   If you look closely enough in the photos just before I eat the cookie, you can seen the difference between the two edgings.  The second is much thicker and more gooey with a darker shade compared to the milky white of the first dribble of cum.  Both tasted good.

I ate the cookie in only two bites.  The first bite had more of my cum on top.  I could taste the flavor of my cum as it mixed with the toffee in the cookie.  I really liked how the cum helped moisten up the cookie as I chewed.  The cookie still had a crunchy crispiness to it that was tempered by the silky smooth feel of my thick semen.  I loved feeling the different textures on my tongue.

With this being a special cum on food eating session, I wanted to make it one of my best set of photos yet.  I applied everything I’ve learned so far in the art of cumming on food.  I think I am definitely improving the quality of my cum on food photos.  The presentation, lighting, background, framing, and camera angles are all good.  The only complaint I have is that the camera angle while eating the cum topped cookie could have been better.  Its more obvious in the video than in the still frames.  Fortunately, Pepperidge Farm makes many varieties of cookies… so I’ll have plenty of chances to keep trying to capture the “perfect” photo set of cumming on food and then eating it.

The video is available here on Xtube.  Enjoy.

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